Program at a Glance




Plenary Lecture:
How can we be sure that our functional products will really work? From human studies to regulatory approval

David Richardson (University of Reading, UK)


Welcome Cocktail


Opening Session

Chairs: Mike Boland & António Vicente


Welcome Address

António Vicente (University of Minho, Portugal)


S1: Food Structures for Delivery of Functionality

Chairs: Mike Boland & David Richardson

  • Keynote Lecture 1: Future Foods: How modern science is transforming the way we eat

    David Julian McClements (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)

  • Production of olive oil organogels: Influence of beeswax concentration on physicochemical properties

    Pedro Silva Pedro Silva; Luiz Fasolin; Artur Martins; António Vicente

  • Liposome encapsulation of a oleuropein-rich olive leaf extract and study of the effect of oleuropein on model lipid membrane

    Rodrigo González Ortega; Paola Pittia; Carla Di Mattia; Natasa Poklar Ulrih

  • Formation and characterisation of flavonoid-milk protein co-precipitates; novel delivery vehicles for high dosage of hydrophobic flavonoid compounds

    Ali Rashidinejad; Simon Loveday; Geoffrey Jameson; Jason Hindmarsh; Harjinder Singh


Coffee Break & Poster Session


S1: Food Structures for Delivery of Functionality (continued)

Chairs: Mike Boland & David Richardson

  • Keynote Lecture 2: Tuning functionality of semi-flexible fibrils in emulsions: from bridging and depletion flocculation to kinetic stabilisation

    Erik van der Linden (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

  • Dual delivery of water-soluble compounds and water-insoluble polyphenols using complex interfaces

    Morfo Zembyla; Brent S. Murray; Anwesha Sarkar

  • Physicochemical properties of capsicum oleoresin emulsions using modified malt as novel encapsulating agent for foodstuffs application

    Ana Gabriela Da Silva Anthero; Eveling Oliveira Bezerra; Talita Aline Comunian; Miriam Dupas Hubinger

  • Influence of solid lipid type on the stability and digestibility of β-carotene-loaded nanoemulsions

    Laura Salvia-Trujillo; Heloisa Helena De Abreu-Martins; Roberta Hilsdorf-Piccoli; Olga Martín-Belloso

  • Particle geometry for reduced glycaemic impact

    John Alexander Monro


Lunch & Poster Session


S1: Food Structures for Delivery of Functionality (continued)

Chairs: Yoav Livney & António Vicente


    Ricardo Pereira; Joana Costa; Rui Rodrigues; Caterina Villa; José Teixeira; Isabel Mafra; António Vicente

  • Effects of moderate electric fields in beta-lactoglobulin thermal denaturation-structural changes and binding properties

    Rui Rodrigues; Zita Avelar; António Vicente; Steffen Petersen; Ricardo Pereira

  • Encapsulation using plant proteins: thermodynamics and kinetics of wetting for simple zein coacervates

    Xiufeng Li; Philipp Erni; Renko De Vries

  • Interfacial rheology as a tool for designing interfaces in emulsion-based delivery systems

    Manuel Felix; Cecilio Carrera-Sanchez; Alberto Romero; Victro Perez-Puyana; Antonio Guerrero

  • Whey protein templates to produce oleogels with tailor made functionality

    Stella Plazzotta; Sonia Calligaris; Lara Manzocco

  • Heteroprotein complexes as new encapsulation system for polyphenol-rich plant extracts

    Gibis Monika; Kathrin Dorsch; Weiss Jochen

  • Oil-in-water emulsions inspired in hybrid oleogels

    Paula Kiyomi Okuro; Andresa Gomes Brunassi; Rosiane Lopes Cunha

  • The creation of novel crystalline cocoa butter structures by sheared crystallization

    Sabina Koummarasary; Katlijn Moelants; Paul Smith

  • Co-milling as innovative encapsulation of bioactives in glassy matrices

    Paola Pittia; Marco Faieta; Rodrigo Gozales Ortega


Coffee Break & Poster Session


S2: Safety and efficacy of delivery systems

Chairs: Harjinder Singh & Alejandro Marangoni

  • Keynote Lecture 3:
    β-Lactoglobulin delivery system enhancing the bioaccessibility, bioavailability and biological efficacy of EGCG

    Yoav D. Livney (Technion, Israel)

  • Role of bacterial cellulose fibrils on the retrogradation of starches with different amylose content

    Belen Astorga; Daniela Medina; Javier Enrione; Paulo Diaz-Calderon

  • Enzymatic pre-treatments of fruit by-products to modify fibre composition and phenolics release

    Cecilia Fiorentini; Noemi Alberici; Alistair House; Giorgia Spigno

  • Novel sustainable functional ingredients from the Quorn fermentation co-product

    Julien Lonchamp; Paul S. Clegg; Stephen R. Euston

  • Reducing the glycaemic index of cookies by using apple pomace as a functional ingredient

    Marilisa Alongi; Sofia Melchior; Monica Anese

  • Role of crystalline and amorphous ingredients in the moisture absorption of cereals products

    Hélène Chanvrier; Paolo Cucci; Julien Dupas; Vincent Girard; Edgar Chavez Montes


S2: Safety and efficacy of delivery systems (continued)

Chairs: António Vicente & Job Ubbink

  • Keynote Lecture 4:
    Food synergy to deliver enhanced functionality: implementing delivery systems in food products

    Mike Boland (Riddet Institute, Massey University, New Zealand)

  • Curcumin loaded orange oil nanoemulsions incorporated into banana starch edible films. Synthesis, mechanical characterization, barrier properties and release kinetics

    Cristian Villa; Leidy Sanchez; Magda Pinzon

  • Design of microparticles as delivery systems for walnut oil rich in omega-3: impact of the location of oxygen scavengers on the lipid oxidation

    Paz Robert; Denisse Caceres; Jordan Cañete; Cristina Vergara; Estefania Gonzalez; Begoña Gimenez

  • Oil structuring as a way to control gel functionality and digestibility

    Areen Ashkar; Sharon Laufer; Jasmine Rosen-Kligvasser; Maya Davidovich-Pinhas

  • Clustering oil droplets in emulsions and gels: Is it a useful strategy to influence perception?

    Philipp Fuhrmann; Guido Sala; Markus Stieger; Elke Scholten

  • A gritty story: Explaining variability in detection thresholds of microscopic particles by food properties and consumer characteristics

    Marco Santagiuliana; Inés Sampedro Marigómez; Layla Broers; John E. Hayes; Betina Piqueras-Fiszman; Elke Scholten; Markus Stieger


Coffee Break & Poster Session


S2: Safety and efficacy of delivery systems (continued)

Chairs: António Vicente & Job Ubbink

  • Keynote Lecture 5
    Structures and interactions of food materials during gastric digestion; implications for nutrient delivery and absorption

    Harjinder Singh (Riddet Institute, Massey University, New Zealand)

  • The effects of consuming whole apples with a dairy-based high fat meal on lipid microstructure, digestibility and bioaccessibility in vitro and postprandial lipemia in vivo

    Xinjie Lin; Danyelle Liddle; Peter Chen; Michael Rogers; Lindsay Robinson; Amanda Wright

  • In-vitro bioaccessibility of beta-carotene in lipidic systems

    Catarina Gonçalves; Artur Martins; Ana Isabel Bourbon; Isabel Amado; Lorenzo Pastrana

  • Extraction of carotenoids supported by ohmic heating and characterization of biological properties and stability throughout gastrointestinal tract

    Marta Coelho; Ricardo Pereira; António Rodrigues; José Teixeira; Manuela Pintado

  • Effects of chewing on the glycaemic potency of kibbled grain breads

    Akila Srv; John Monro; Suman Mishra; Allan Hardacre; Lara Matia-Merino; Kelvin Goh; Frederick Warren

  • Timing of fruit ingestion and blood glucose response

    Suman Mishra; John Alexander Monro


Lunch & Poster Session


S3: Healthy food design: is multi-functionality the right way forward?

Chairs: Monique Axelos & Erik van der Linden

  • Keynote Lecture 6:
    The modulation of serum TAG levels in humans using ethylcellulose oleogels

    Alejandro G. Marangoni (University of Guelph, Canada)

  • Designing emulsions with encapsulated bioactive substances for the formulations for dysphagia diets of elderly

    Viktorija Eisinaite; Milda Kersiene; Ina Jasutiene; Milda Pukalskiene; Daiva Leskauskaite

  • The behaviour of sunflower oleosomes at the interfaces

    Dimitris Karefyllakis; Atze Jan Goot Van Der; Costas Nikiforidis

  • What we can learn about the structure of casein micelles by using them as nanocarriers

    Anja Duerasch; Jana Wissel; Konstantin Hogh; Pia Herrmann; Catina Bilz; Thomas Henle

  • Morphological anda rheological characterization of emulsion-filled composite gels of whey protein isolate and soy protein isolate

    Thais Carvalho Brito-Oliveira; Ana Clara Moreno Cavini; Izabel Cristina Freitas Moraes; Andre Brodkorb; Samantha Pinho

  • Chamber design for time-lapse optical microscopy of gelatinisation and digestion of starch inside plant cells

    Duc Toan Do; John Frostad; Jaspreet Singh; Harjinder Singh; Rickey Y. Yada


Coffee Break & Poster Session


S3: Healthy food design: is multi-functionality the right way forward? (continued)

Chairs: Monique Axelos & Erik van der Linden

  • From plant tissue microstructure to new foods with novel sensory perceptions. An example of biomimetics of food mediated by 3D printing

    Antonio Derossi; Maddalena Paolillo; Rossella Caporizzi; Pieter Verboven; Valerie Vancauwenberghe2; Bart Nicolai; Carla Severini

  • Interfacial properties of potato peptides identified by bioinformatics: application in omega-3 delivery emulsions

    Pedro J. García-Moreno; Elham Ranjbar; Tobias H. Olsen; Paolo Marcatili; Simon Gregersen; Nykola C. Jones; Søren V. Hoffmann; Michael T. Overgaard3; Egon B. Hansen1; Charlotte Jacobsen

  • Production of whey protein nanoparticles by heat induced aggregation and their potential for the encapsulation of food bioactives

    Paula Jauregi

  • Ultrafine Whey Protein Particles as Novel Delivery Systems for Optically Clear Foods and Beverages: Preparation, Characterization and Potential for Encapsulation of Bioactives

    Jeroen Boeve; Iris Joye

  • Analytical investigation of the three interfacial stabilization stages of β-lactoglobulin

    Helena Schestkowa; Anja Maria Wagemans; Stephan Drusch


Conference Dinner (Optional)


S3 (continued): Healthy food design: is multi-functionality the right way forward?

Chairs: Yoav Livney & David J. McClements

  • Keynote Lecture 7:
    Tuning carbohydrates for food functionality: consumer appeal, health and sustainability

    Job Ubbink (California Polytechnic State University, USA)

  • Improving colloidal stability of hemp globulins by making hemp-casein protein nanoparticles with a pH cycling method

    Chih-Chieh Chuang; Aiqian Ye; Skelte Anema; Teresa Wegrzyn; Simon Loveday

  • Understanding the air-water interfacial characteristics of wheat gliadin based nanoparticles

    Arno Wouters; Iris Joye; Jan Delcour

  • Food peptide gels as delivery vehicles Part 2: the case of a-casein

    Stefan Clerens; Noemie Petit; Marina Richena; Stephen Haines; Laura Domigan; Jolon Dyer; Juliet Gerrard

  • The effect of purification processes on the composition and functionality of mild to highly purified yellow pea fractions

    Cornelis Kornet; Paul Venema; Atze Jan Van Der Goot; Marcel Meinders; Erik Van Der Linden


Coffee Break & Poster Session


S3 (continued): Healthy food design: is multi-functionality the right way forward?

Chairs: Yoav Livney & David J. McClements

  • Keynote Lecture 8:
    How to design healthy and sustainable food systems?

    Monique Axelos (INRA, France)

  • Impact of defatting process on the foaming properties of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) meal proteins

    Lore Knaepen; Lomme Deleu; Kristof Brijs; Jan Delcour

  • Optimization of emulsion gels and its application in meat emulsion as fat replacers

    Camila Souza Paglarini; Guilherme Figueiredo Furtado; João Paulo Biachi; Vitor Andre Silva Vidal; Silvana Martini; Marcus Bruno Soares Forte; Ana Paula Badan Ribeiro; Rosiane Lopes Cunha; Marise Aparecida Rodrigues Pollonio

  • Comparing the methods to produce fibrous material from zein

    Kristin D. Mattice; Alejandro G. Marangoni

  • Enhanced functionality of bread enriched with natural plant extracts: delivery of bioactive polyphenols modulating postprandial glycemic response

    Irakli Chkhikvishvili; Malkhaz Dolidze; Nunu Gogia; Manana Esaiashvili; David Chkhikvishvili; Yakov Vinokur; Victor Rodov


Closing Session

Chair: António Vicente